Falmouth Self-Storage has many options for your Commercial Storage needs. We can help you make the most of your work space by storing extra or unused office furniture, files and equipment. You can rest assured that it will all be safe and secure yet accessible 24/7, giving you maximum use of your precious space.

Attention Contractors: Do you need a safe, secure spot to house your seasonal equipment and documents? We can help! Are you a Small Retail Business? Give yourself more floor space by storing your seasonal stock and decorating items with us!

Caterers….we can store your extra non-perishable items such as tables, chairs, linens and much more, freeing up the space you need to do what you do best!

Whether its equipment, pots and pans, holiday decorations or archived files….our trained staff at Falmouth Self-Storage will help you discover the perfect, safe and secure solution for your specific need.



Clean Up Your Space



Portable & Seasonal Restaurant Equipment


Promotion Displays